Friday, September 2, 2011

Another Fabulous & Fashionable Friday post

Friday! It's Friday everyone!

*insert happy dance here*

Not sure why I love Friday so much, since I don't work Monday to Friday away from home. Instead I work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so weekends aren't much different really from any other day.

But Friday is the day of love, named for Norse goddess Freya. So we have to love Fridays.

And being Friday, there's also something else to love.

Fabulous and Fashionable Friday posts!!!

This time I bring you something a little different. A sneak peak at another part of my life. My husband Del, runs his own business as a Dog Trainer extraordinaire. Every second Saturday he runs a group training session for clients and their dogs who have completed the initial training, and I take our dog Trooper along, to socialise and put him through his paces. He loves showing off!

Lately we've started to introduce some basic agility exercises, just for a bit of fun, and because I've been practising with Trooper at home, I've kindly been promoted to guest trainer for the agility side of things. Thanks honey! It's been great fun and the dogs, and owners, all seem to enjoy the fun of working the agility equipment.

So what's this all got to do with F&FF I hear you ask?


.......I get to show you my Guest Trainer Extrordinaire outfit, of course.

Do I look like I mean business, command respect and can get those dogs jumping and weaving in no time at all?

Or do I look like a pushover trying to look the part?

Del says I look like a German Stormtrooper. Not sure if that's a compliment. You never know with my husband.

But I think it's all in the boots.

"The boots maketh the dog trainer." Leiani, 2011.

Anyway, just to finish off, here's the hand signal for 'sit'.

(BTW Trooper responds to spoken commands as well as silent hand signals, both on or off lead, close by or far away. He'd want me to let you all know that, show off that he is).

So sit down a while longer, have another cuppa and enjoy your Friday.

Good girl/boy! *pats your head affectionately* Well done!


  1. lol You definitely look like dog training assistant =)

  2. Hooray for Friday! You look like a fab dog trainer extraordinaire. Do we get to see you and Trooper in action?

  3. We have video of others doing training so I should suggest we take some of Trooper and I training. Thanks for the idea, will put it on the blog once we get around to filming - one day. LOL.