Friday, July 2, 2010

A Day at the..... Farm

Del had a rare day off during the week so since the sun was out, we braved the cold weather and took Charlie to visit a nearby farm.

It was Charlie's first visit to a farm to see real, live animals. Not the 2D ones he sees in his books.

And they were so much bigger in real life than he expected.

He quite liked the sheep and thought feeding this one was great.

The farmer assured us that this goat was very gentle, though Charlie insisted that it was a Scary Goat.

But all he really wanted to do was pick up the feed pellets off the floor and put them back in the bucket.

If only the Scary Goat would move her head out the way.

Charlie was fascinated by this baby rabbit and didn't want to leave this vantage point.

This bulls head was very big up close, and those horns were very pointy. Charlie declared it to be a Scary Cow.

I must admit that this time I agreed with him.

And here is Daddy explaining that pigs aren't at all scary, they're actually very nice, if not a little smelly.

But Charlie doesn't look convinced.

Perhaps he saw the sign on the gate that read 'Beware - Pigs Can Bite'.

This is Charlie's new friend Norma, the baby goat.

She wasn't at all scary. Charlie patted, hugged and kissed her, and declared his love for her. I felt the same way. She was just adorable.

Norma is only a week and a half old and was abandoned by her mother. So one of the lady farmers is hand raising her. Norma spends her days following the lady farmer all about the farm, charming everyone who sees her.

There were chickens galore on the farm and they were very used to little boys chasing them.

This poor chicken was the object of Charlie's tireless attempts to pat it. And the further away it ran the more determined he was to reach it.

That was until the chicken turned and actually ran towards him, at which point Charlie ran back to the safety of mummy's arms repeating 'Scary chicken, scary chicken' over and over.

And just to finish off a lovely day out, there was even a playground there! Charlie walked over this little bridge then down the steps onto the ground, then would walk back around and go over the bridge again.

And again.

And again.

I think we'll definitely being going back to the farm again soon.

Hopefully the animals will be a little less scary next time.

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